We are a CREDIT BY EXAM advisory service.We walk students through the process of getting or finishing their degree through this method.We give them all the tools needed to do so.We formed College Degree Express in an effort to show people a BETTER WAY to earn a fully accredited college degree, without putting yourself  or your children in a lifetime of debt. We feel the current cost of a traditional college degree,even online, is OUTRAGEOUS. We are the alternative to the madness. We are expert counselors in obtaining a degree in the fastest, most affordable method possible, Credit by Exam. We have everything necessary for you to obtain a degree faster, easier and more affordably then you could anywhere else and  from great colleges. These colleges that have sent students onto graduate school at Harvard, Yale Medical, U. Penn Law, just to name a few. We do not receive any financial compensation from any of the higher education institutions we recommend . We are experts in credit by exam and affordable degrees. We help people obtain a Regionally Accredited college degree in record time at a minimal cost even while working full time. The majority of the big online colleges are “for profit” colleges  that are owned by publicly traded companies who’s main concern is just that,  profit.  The last thing those schools want to do is save you money or time.
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Our program focuses on a little known LOOP HOLE in the college degree process called CREDIT BY EXAM. We advise students, both young and old,on how to prepare for college level proficiency exams with one on one counseling and advisory service in the process of getting a degree through CREDIT BY EXAM. These exams earn students college credit that can be used at over 3900 colleges and universities in the U.S. for pennies on the dollar.Years ago, there were only a few of these exams that were rated for college credit but now there are hundreds. You can actually earn your entire degree at a few highly rated state colleges through our program. These online colleges have sent graduates on to Harvard, Yale Medical, and University of Pennsylvania Law School, just to name a few. In fact, Charter Oak State College in Connecticut, DOES NOT EVEN REQUIRE A HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA OR EVEN A GED TO ENROLL! They only require you to have 9 college credits when you apply, which you can get in weeks with our help. STOP studying for your GED and start studying for your college degree. Our total degree process averages around $35 per credit, all inclusive! Our students save thousands of dollars in college tuition and books, as well as years of their life. We know it sounds too good to be true, so we guarantee your success, give it a try. Read More About How It Works Here…


Our students graduate from highly rated colleges that have sent students onto Yale Medical, University of Pennsylvania Law, and Harvard. Our graduates go on to careers in business, marketing, education and biotechnology. Many go on to graduate school, law school, and even medical school. Enroll today and start a path to finish your degree.We are here for you through the entire process.

Hear what a recent graduate had to say: ” I graduated from high school 6 years ago. The Fall after I graduated I went to a community college for a semester where I took 4 courses and received 12 credits. I knew it wasn’t for me . I needed to work and support myself which I could not do while going to school full time. I could not imagine going to school  for 4 years or more just to get a Bachelors degree. I went to work in construction, and then as a cook and  a bartender.  After 5 years, I decided I wanted to become a lawyer, my friends thought I was crazy. In order to get into law school, I needed a Bachelors degree from an REAL college.  I could not believe how expensive a degree would be or the time it would take.  I was really depressed, but I thought there must be a better way and there was, College Degree Express.  I used College Degree Express to obtain 99 of the 108 credits I needed to graduate. While working full time, I got my degree in under one year from Charter Oak State College in CT.  I graduated this December and was accepted to Law School where I started two weeks later.  It only cost me about $5000 total. Because I had no undergraduate debt, I was able to get unlimited student loans without any credit history or cosigner at a great rate. People don’t believe me when I tell them this story, but it is true. You would have to be crazy to do anything else. “


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Many of our students have obtained 60 CREDITS IN 60 DAYS !!

And a Bachelors degree

in 9 months! Really?


College GraduateSounds impossible? Well it isnt! Students who earn their degree through credit by exam can earn their degree faster, in their spare time, for a fraction of doing it online or the traditional way. College Degree Express makes it affordable and easy.

The company founder obtained his degree through credit by exam 30 years ago while applying to the Officer Candidate School for the U.S. Coast Guard. He needed a Bachelors Degree to qualify and was short 15 credits. “I got all 15 credits I needed? in just 2 weeks and graduated. I wanted to share this amazing system with all those people considering spending thousands on a online degree.”

We at CDE have assembled all of the available tools as well as a one on one advisory service for you to get your degree faster, easier, and cheaper than anywhere else through credit by exam.

We will guide you every step of the way.

Are you tired of taking endless classes that seem to go on forever? Classes, assignments, papers, quizzes!

Are you tired of spending all your hard earned money on the dream of obtaining a degree, but only have a load of debt to show for it! Give this program a try, we guarantee your success.

Enroll now and let College Degree Express help you save thousands of dollars while earning your degree around your schedule.

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