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Whether you are a returning college student or have never taken a college course, We will show you step-by-step,one on one,how to get your degree fast and easy. There is no legitimate college degree program that is faster, easier or more affordable. We specialize in helping students get their degree in months, not years, through CREDIT BY EXAM.

Here is how it works:

1. Enroll and become a member of CDE.We will evaluate your background and goals and give you a clear cut plan to achieve them.You will receive your ID and password, which will allow you to gain access to our Members Area and virtual libraries where you will have access to our comprehensive practice tests with hundreds of questions and answers taken directly from the exams .You will also have unlimited access to our exclusive study guides and free online courses, both video and traditional, that directly correlate to specific exams. Membership is monthly, so there is no long-term commitment and your success is guaranteed.

2. Next you should let us help you choose a college. This service is included in your CDE membership . If you haven’t chosen a college we will provide you with an evaluation of your college background and advise you of the college we feel is best for you to get your degree. Once you formally apply to the college they will then give you a list of courses that you need to take to graduate .Wwe will then give you a list of exams that correspond to those required courses.If you have no college background we will start you on the general education courses that are required at all schools. If you have your own plan based on your college adviser you can skip our evaluation and immediately start using the study guides, practice tests and online courses to complete your degree..

3. Now you have a plan and you begin studying for your exams. Once you have a clear path to your goal, you will begin studying for the appropriate tests using our virtual library .Our guides are the best available from the hundreds that are out there.You can receive unlimited access to the guides of your choice as part of your membership .These have $50 value per guide. Your CDE virtual library also has hundreds of test questions and answers for almost every test available. Taken from real test takers,an invaluable resource to prepare for your exams. For members that require a more structured approach there are traditional and VIDEO online courses that are available free as well.

5. Start taking your exams and receive credit towards your degree. We recommend you start with your strongest subject . Find a testing center near you immediately after enrolling with us.You can use the links provided in the members area to find local testing centers .Call them to review their policies.Keep a record of what is offered and their registration policy. Through our program you will pass your class or it will be free until you do. We will help you locate your nearest testing center and help you schedule your test and do everything we can to ensure you pass.CDE will be with you every step of the way to your degree. Still have questions about how CDE works? Check out our FAQs .


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