How long does it take to study for an exam?

The average student will need to study 10 hours for one exam. Compare this to how much study time you would put into a regular semester class, plus the time you actually spend in the classroom, and you will see how valuable earning credit by exam is. Not only do you save a tremendous amount of money, but you save a tremendous amount of time.

It is also important to consider how much you already know about the subject you will be taking a test on. For example, if you are a corporate professional taking an Introduction to Management test, chances are your experience in the field will be very helpful in mastering the material for the test.

If you are a high school senior studying for a Principles of Accounting test at the same time you are taking a Principles of Accounting class at your school, you will probably not need to study as much as someone who has never taken an accounting class before. The basic material doesnt really change.

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