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Hear what a recent graduate had to say: ” I graduated from high school 6 years ago. The Fall after I graduated I went to a community college for a semester where I took 4 courses and received 12 credits. I knew it wasn’t for me . I needed to work and support myself which I could not do while going to school full time. I could not imagine going to school  for 4 years or more just to get a Bachelors degree. I went to work in construction, and then as a cook and  a bartender.  After 5 years, I decided I wanted to become a lawyer, my friends thought I was crazy. In order to get into law school, I needed a Bachelors degree from an REAL college.  I could not believe how expensive a degree would be or the time it would take.  I was really depressed, but I thought there must be a better way and there was, College Degree Express.  I used College Degree Express to obtain 99 of the 108 credits I needed to graduate. While working full time, I got my degree in under one year from Charter Oak State College in CT.  I graduated this December and was accepted to Law School where I started two weeks later.  It only cost me about $5000 total. Because I had no undergraduate debt, I was able to get unlimited student loans without any credit history or cosigner at a great rate. People don’t believe me when I tell them this story, but it is true. You would have to be crazy to do anything else. “