We are a CREDIT BY EXAM advisory service.We walk students through the process of getting or finishing their degree through this method.We give them all the tools needed to do so.We formed College Degree Express in an effort to show people a BETTER WAY to earn a fully accredited college degree, without putting yourself  or your children in a lifetime of debt. We feel the current cost of a traditional college degree,even online, is OUTRAGEOUS. We are the alternative to the madness. We are expert counselors in obtaining a degree in the fastest, most affordable method possible, Credit by Exam. We have everything necessary for you to obtain a degree faster, easier and more affordably then you could anywhere else and  from great colleges. These colleges that have sent students onto graduate school at Harvard, Yale Medical, U. Penn Law, just to name a few. We do not receive any financial compensation from any of the higher education institutions we recommend . We are experts in credit by exam and affordable degrees. We help people obtain a Regionally Accredited college degree in record time at a minimal cost even while working full time. The majority of the big online colleges are “for profit” colleges  that are owned by publicly traded companies who’s main concern is just that,  profit.  The last thing those schools want to do is save you money or time.
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